infotainment game
project description

Lexisnexis is part of the Reed Elsevier media group and US market leader as commercial host and specialised as provider of professional data bases. The company commissioned Daily Interactive to develop a follow-up for the computer game Jobwärts (Towards a Job). We envisioned an infotainment game that would inform youngsters about starting a job and that would be published by different health insurance funds. At Daily Interactive we proposed a concept on a three dimensional virtual city in which the gamer discovers information and at the same time has to master challenges (gamification). By using this adventure style we aimed to combine gaming fun with the acquisition of knowledge so as to mediate key messages of the health insurance funds to the target group via Gamification.

This virtual city comprises three parts in which the user may discover information concerning job applications, starting a job and social security. The gamer moves from A to B in a taxi which may change in appearance through the collection of points. These points may be collected through the gathering of new information, the solving of quiz questions and the playing of mini games. Taken together, the combination of concept, complex graphics containing many image elements and a near realistic material design plus integrated technologies that had been adapted from web-development creates one unique user experience. As planned the end product JobJungle is used by various health insurance funds of the BKK group today.

project details

Clients: Wolter Kluwer Deutschland

Industry: Publisher

Disciplines: Concept Development, Design, Development, support