Savognin - Schweizer Bergbahnen
Geodata visualization
project description

We at Daily Interactive were assigned to develop a concept for Savognin Mountain Railways in order to publish recent information concerning the winter sports area on the internet. As is widely known winter sports strongly relies on fluctuating on-site circumstances such as weather and climate. Hence it was our aim to provide the target group, skiing enthusiasts, who mostly live far away with these relevant data.


Starting point for our assignment was a combination of emotive and informative portrayal of the winter sports area.We wanted not only to mediate the mere information but to capture / channel the „Winter sports feeling“ as such.


In order to realise this concept we developed a three-dimensional interactive slopes map which would then be integrated into the website of Savognin. Via a backend system news and photos could be added while meterological data would be automatically provided by a weather service. Moreover, the application would be combined with several webcams so as to provide live-images of the region next to news, photos and weather conditions. In addition, the three-dimensional portrayal of the skiing area is based on actual geo-dates so as to guarantee not only information and emotivity but also a high degree of realism.

project details

Clients: Schweizer Bergbahnen

Industry: Tourism

Disciplines: Concept Development, Design, Development