Datavisualization Software
project description

In times of exponential data growth it is imperative to structure, visualise and communicate complex matters in a clear way. Our web application Snytody overcomes the limitations of mindmaps and enables collaborative visualisation of multifold relations. This new visualisation approach enables us to collect, structure and present data free from breakage. Syntody uses a general approach to visualise complex relations. We employ a graph algorithm which plots complex networks in a clear manner.

Via this visualisation approach presented information is automatically being transferred to a knowledge database without further interference on the side of the user. In so doing said information is offered to this or other users so that once presented knowledge becomes reusable. Through this automatism users profit from research that needs to be done only once. Knowledge is shared in an efficient manner and redundancy is avoided. Syntody (SaaS) is placed on the market in the format of client-specific projects. Daily Interactive is co-founder of Syntody and is in charge of data visualisation.

project details

Clients: Syntody

Industry: Software

Disciplines: Concept Development, Design, Development